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How to tie a "Bowline"

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Murtle Lake Conservancy - Located near Blue River B.C.

map.jpg (89090 bytes)A six hour's drive from Vancouver, Edmonton and Calgary, situated between
Kamloops and Jasper on the Yellowhead highway.  Blue River is also only
40 minutes from the entry to "Murtle Lake", Wells  Gray Park.



" Murtle Lake"...
murtleset.jpg (71044 bytes)
...set 1.5 kilometers portage from the nearest road.  It is the ideal place for those who love an appreciate canoeing, camping and nature.  Campsites are maintained, have fire pits, washrooms and food caches.

Murtle Lake is one of the few remaining giant wilderness lakes with no road access

2-1/2 km. portage from the parking lot..

A natural, beautiful, sensitive environment for those who love and appreciate the outdoors.

Clear starry nights, no airplanes, no motors,
(except the Park Warden!)

Sandy Beaches

Comfortable for Swimming!

Maintained Campsites with "Food Caches"

.........simply peaceful and quiet......

Excellent Trout Fishing!

"Fall Catch"  copyright Don Cole Harvey

Map of Murtle Lake with campsites and trails
(click for large view)

Download a PDF version of a more detailed Murtle Lake map and brochure.

Download a PDF version of the Wells Gray Park brochure and map.


Portraiture Carpentry Adventure Profile Photo Decor Links