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Born on September 16, 1956, Don is a motivated, personable professional with a variety of skills including the 25 year ownership of a successful photography business.
Technically minded with an affinity for mastering challenges. Accustomed to confident, diplomatic and tactful relations with professionals, celebrities and non-professionals
 at all levels.
  Adventurous and intrepid, with an affinity for the outdoors, enabled with a multitude of wilderness skills and numerous exotic experiences.
A tenacious and creative mind that is always willing try numerous methods to achieve a goal. Somehow his body keeps up with the pace.


Don Cole Harvey biography

Master and teacher of many aspects of photography

Color Lab Technician

Customer Service

Sales and Marketing

Computer Saavy Mac/PC (since the "DOS" days)

Multi-Media Production



Canoeist - (CRCA Instructor)

Wilderness Living/Survival trained

Sailing (CYA certified)

Skiing - (40 yrs)

Aikido - (honorary black belt)

Scuba - (23 years PADI certified)

- A Free and Accepted Mason. Twice Past Master.
  Royal Arch Mason,  1st Principle (elect for 2020)




- Studied art and photography for 3 years with Robert Bateman 1971-1974

- A Graduate of Northern Institute of Technology 1975-1977

- Since has specialized in Lifestyle Portraiture themes including Skiing (25 full seasons with Mike Wiegele Helicopter Skiing, Sports/Action, Weddings, Fashion, Still Life, Commercial/Stock Photography.

- Shot, edited and presented high quality weekly multi-media shows including action video and stills with music and sound overlays for high profile clients of a helicopter skiing operation.

- Own and operate a full custom color lab for 25 years, capable of processing film and creating very high quality photographic prints up to 24"x30".


- An excellent understanding of computer technology, including various hardware and operating systems of the PC and Macintosh and the many programs that apply to bookkeeping, word processing, still photography, video editing, internet design,

- Photography Workshop Instructor; studies include camera controls, composition, lighting, anticipation of action, depth of field, color printing, retouching, etc.

...OTHER cont.

- Honorary Black Belt and active instructor of Aikido - "The Art of Peace" is a gentle, but powerful defensive martial art. Emphasis is on peaceful resolution of conflict, centering and correct mind/body coordination skills. Affiliated with Kokikai Aikido and Sensei Shuji Maruyama.

- Assisted with numerous one week seminars with Thomas Crum - Master of Aikido and author of "The Magic of Conflict".

- Own and operate a small canoe outfitting business called "Blazing Paddles"

- Years of retail camera sales

- Oil and Gas Rigs of Alberta as a Roughneck, Motorman and Assistant Derekman.

- Concrete finisher; designed, laid out and finished domestic, residential related projects.

- General construction of residential projects; ie homes, garages, tile roofing.

- Professional carpenter specializing in fencing, gates, decks.

- Familiar with many cultures and visited many countries throughout the world. Experiences range from living with Natives in Fiji to storms at sea, to close encounters with a variety of wild animals and many more.



- A powerful love for his wife Teresa
 and his daughter Ciera

- Horses and Pack trips
- The Natural Environment
- Wilderness Camping & Canoeing/Kayaking

- Ocean Cruising
- Scuba Diving
- Freemasonry