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Don Cole Harvey

Born on September 16, 1956, Cole is a motivated,  personable professional with a variety of skills including the 35 year ownership of a successful photography business.  Technically minded with an affinity for mastering challenges.  Accustomed to confident, diplomatic and tactful relations with  professionals, celebrities and non-professionals at all levels.

Adventurous and intrepid, with an affinity for the outdoors, enabled with a multitude of advanced wilderness skills and numerous exotic experiences.  A tenacious and creative mind that is always willing try numerous methods to achieve a goal.  Somehow his body keeps up with the pace.

Studied art and photography for 3 years with Robert Bateman  1971-1974

A Graduate of Northern Institute of Technology 1977-1979

Since has specialized in Lifestyle Portraiture themes including  Skiing (25 full seasons with Mike Wiegele Helicopter Skiing), Sports/Action, Weddings, Fashion, Still Life, Commercial/Stock Photography.

Filmed, fully produced and presented high quality weekly multi-media shows including  action video and  stills with music and
  sound overlays for high profile clients of a helicopter skiing operation.

Owned and operated a full custom color lab for 35 years, capable of processing film and creating very high quality photographic prints up to 24"x30" all in a very remote area of B.C..  He has an affinity for graphic design and a web master for numerous domains.

In his earlier years, the during the off seasons from heli-skiing, worked in the oil and gas industry moving through the ranks on the rigs for Simons, and Baltic Drilling.  Also worked for two seasons with a helicopter oil rig moving operation.

Retiring from helicopter skiing in 2003, Cole's career swings towards carpentry.  He started a new business which has flourished in Vancouver and currently active.

The art of photography still alive, his library of images are becoming classics of the film era, as digital technology advances.


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